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 Mezzanine offers a 6 month warranty on all its furniture from date of delivery. Mezzanine will endeavor to assist should there be any defective issues which present themselves within that period. Subject to a full inspection of the items and the possible causes to the issues arising.
  • The aforementioned warranty is subject to the following:The goods supplied by Mezzanine have not been altered after delivery.
  • Have not been exposed to abuse or exposed to any use other than what the product was manufactured for.
  • Products have not been cleaned with anything corrosive or abrasive (such as Handy Andy or products containing ammonia).
  • Mezzanine will need to assess the failed product in person in order to evaluate the nature of the malfunction or damage (before the customer is entitled to its replacement or repair)
  • Should any of the above be the case, unfortunately that will nullify the guarantee.
However Mezzanine will be able to quote to fix or replace the item.