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    45 7th Ave, Parktown North

    The Parktown North showroom perfectly encapsulates the brand’s aesthetic. The clean architectural lines of the building provide the perfect backdrop to showcase the furniture designed by Mezzanine’s own designers. The peaceful ambience of the showroom further offers tangible evidence of the quiet sophistication that has become synonymous with the brand.

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    Our Shop

    The shop has always been our most creative outlet. We are constantly receiving new stock so the stories we create change on a weekly basis. We have become known for our eye for vintage pieces that we mix in with our collection of furniture. We also stock a stunning range of imported vases, cushions and affordable art.

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    Kazzi Clothing Store

    The brief for this store was to design a sleek, European style store to display both men and ladies corporate wear. We went for a warm grey palette throughout the store, with hints of natural oak and chrome. The result was a neutral canvas which compliments the clothing on display.

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    House in the Parks

    Mezzanine in conjunction with Maritsa Esterhuysen from Lxuria (082 455 4545/ www.lxuria.com) was responsible for all the furniture and accessories in this newly renovated home. The client wanted a neutral palette and a mix of the old and new which was in keeping with the house.

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    Southern Africa Litigation Center

    The director of Southern Africa Litigation Center (SALC) wanted to create an industrial office space, our inspiration coming from the Roman and Williams offices in New York. We tried to open up the space as much as possible by leaving the ceiling exposed as well as keeping the dividing walls between the offices as low as possible, yet still private. The doors and fanlights for each of the offices were steel framed glass doors, with industrial pendant lights dropped into each of these spaces. All the trimmings and fittings were finished in black, leaving the floors as raw as possible by laying a light screed for a worn cement look. The reception desk was clad with pressed ceilings panels and the top in raw mild steel. Then in the dining area and lounge we left it open plan, using found vintage furniture that was refurbished for these areas. White metro tiles were used on the kitchen walls and a wired glass panel created more of an industrial feel.

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    House Mukasa

    This was our second project in Lubumbashi in the DRC. Mezzanine was responsible for the design, procurement and installation of all the furnishings, softs and accessories.

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    The Hamilton

    The Hamilton is a 6 bedroom boutique guesthouse situated in Craighall Johannesburg. The building was designed by Studiomas. Mezzanine was responsible for designing the full interior fit out. We wanted to create an ‘urban retreat’ in monochromatic greys, blacks & whites with the hint of chartreuse giving it an edge. As the rooms are compact we used light oaks and ran the furniture from wall to wall, we replicated the black mild steel of the exterior on furniture bases thereby merging inside and outside. One of our favourite parts of this project was the client allowing us to select print and photography works by South African artists. These images were taken for The Hamilton’s website prior to the interiors being fully complete, we will update the completed project within the next few months.

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    AR's house

    Mezzanine was responsible for all the furniture, curtaining and accessories on this Congo house.

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    Croft & Co Rosebank Hotel

    This is a small circular store based in the revamped Rosebank hotel. It is a mini version of the brand and caters to the hotel guests.

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    Polish Parkwood

    Lee-Ann was approached by sisters Lexi and Vicky to design a nail spa. This was one of those rare projects when a client allows you complete creative freedom and the result is a beautiful, elegant and well designed nail salon that has been an outstanding success.

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    Marcus & Lee-Ann's House

    This is the home of Lee-Ann the owner of Mezzanine. Working in conjunction with architect’s Studiomas, Lee-Ann and Marcus created their own canvas for their collection of furniture, art and accessories. This is a constant work in progress so watch this space!

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    Polish Umghlanga

    This was the second store for the Polish brand. Building on from the first one, this one had a luxe treatment area where friends could all enjoy treatments behind a sheer curtain.

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    This was definately one of Mezzanine’s favourite projects as it allowed the child in us to come out. Smudge is a children’s art centre in Craighall Park, Johannesburg. Built around a central art room, Smudge also offers an interactive music room, children’s book lounge, fantasy dress-up area, party room and a coffee shop. The industrial sized space was divided into the different areas by blackboards suspended by high tension cabling. The owner had been collecting vintage cups and saucers and we added to this with vinatage furniture and old units painted with enamel - this all adds to the effect of a lived in space where children are allowed to run amok.

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    Croft & Co Ladies

    This was the ladies stand alone store for the Croft & Co brand. As the shop is based in Tyrone Ave Parkview we wanted to retain the old ‘high street’ feel of the shop, we achieved this with the use of the old patio floor tiles and the units that look like a panelled wall. This was the first project that we worked in conjunction with a feng shui expert - note the units on the right are higher than the left hand ones as we needed a mountain on the right!

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    Croft & Co Bedford

    The brief for this store was ‘an old fashioned’ store that would stock cigars through to ladies handbags. The brief was achieved through custom wallpaper of old JHB, brass fittings, leather and classic styled furniture.

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    Ali's House

    Ali runs a successful public relations business from her home. She wanted a space that would inspire her on a daily basis but also chic enough to hold meetings with her clients. We took the white theme throughout but with a change of colour for each area.

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    Peter is an advertising executive who lived in Cape Town on weekends and used this JHB apartment during the week. His only prerequisites were a place for his art and travertine tiles. We picked out the cream of the tiles and used this colour throughout which made the space flow.